Kings Kids Outreach - Oxford - 7th-16th July 2019

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King’s Kids and Families of Faith is alive and well in New Zealand. Our home base is at YWAM in Oxford, but operate throughout New Zealand (mainly the South Island).

This website is split into two areas: King's Kids and Families of Faith - just click on the different tabs to follow what we are all about and up to.

What is Kings Kids all about?

Well its all about having fun, learning drama's and dancing, getting to know Jesus, developing a personal relationship with God, learning the word, team building, making new friends, growing in their own faith. At the end of the boot camp phase the children/youth will then go onto Outreach phase where they show the public the dance and drama's they have learnt and also have the opportunity to share why this music importaqnt to them, how God has answered prayer or other personal stories. These opportunities take place in parks, malls, children's programmes, rest homes - a really cool time to see everything they have learnt come together growing as individuals and as a team.

See the Blog tab above for a running commentary on our current Auckland Outreach and watch our promotional video to get a feel for what it is all about.



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