King's Kids International began in 1976 in Hawaii under Dale and Carol Kauffman. Since then, hundreds of teams have ministered throughout Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

King's Kids teams have reached out to serve the poor and have impacted the wealthy. They have proclaimed God's love in a wide variety of national and international outreaches and events.

King's Kids came to New Zealand in 1989 and established in Auckland as the Kings Kids NZ base. After the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland enthusiasm for King's Kids outreaches in NZ expanded quickly. In 1990 a King's Kids team followed the Rise Up teams about the South Island for 3 months. This in turn, because of the contacts made, gave rise to the birth of King's Kids South Island which was initially based in Marlborough but moved to Christchurch in 1997.

During this time teams have been local and international in flavour. In the late 1990's King's Kids South Island became dormant. Now everything has begun again this time from Oxford.