The day started bright and early, well for some the day started early (Juddy slept in), 6.30am prayer meeting outside the kitchen with plenty of coffee to go around. Then into the kitchen to cook some of the Kings Kids special... Porridge.

The children start to arrive downstairs around 7.30 with Madelaine in 1st place. Day one is a busy day, letting the children know what is to happen over the next few days of boot camp. Boot camp is what we call the training phase of Kings Kids, up early, a hearty breakfast, TWG (time with God), sharing, worship, heart prep, into the dancing, stop for morning tea, back into the dancing, phew, I am getting worn out just writing it!


 Young James is a Kings Kids veteran, only this is his first outreach as a performer as he has come of age to be able to part of the official team. James was a toddler on his first visit accompanying his older siblings, Callum and Ruth along with Mum and Dad.

Families with toddlers as well as dance age children are encouraged to come along as this is an ideal environment for the entire family to grow together in God.

Dance rehearsals were off to a great start as all the performing children start out on the list of songs that they will be performing in 3 days time.


It is always an exciting time thinking about how the children and teenagers are getting on. Only the choreographers are allowed to be in the room when they are learning the dances, sometimes we take a peek to see how they are doing!

Catherine is always on the lookout for that great shot, however I think Mike beat her to it this time, grabbing a quick shot of the back of her head while Juddy was looking his usual self!