Well, today has been busy and long  and awesome. We started the day with time with God and learnt today about how we have got what it takes to stick with our decisions if we rely on God. We also looked at different ways of using technology for good and to keep us going in our faith.

We finished by looking at Gods promises to us in Isaiah 41v10.

We had an awesome worship session this morning and it is really encouraging to see the kids stepping up and God responding. We are all so encouraged by the family and team we are becoming.

We had two performances today, both on base. The first was the kids club in the afternoon. The kids first went out in the community in their groups and handed out flyers to advertise the kids club and then they came back and performed and had fun with the local kids. It was awesome although one team had stones thrown at them down the road!! Very inaccurate kids which is great!

Secondly, we had the coffee night and we did 4 items for them. The base opens for free coffee once a month and we got to join in and have fun and meet people in the community. Some of the kids also prayed with people which is great!! IMG 5496IMG 5505IMG 5512IMG 5514