Day two and starting to settle into the routine of boot camp. A bit more of a struggle getting up for some of the team this morning! kings-kids-03Today the team looked at why they are special to God and how God has given them special gifts that are unique to them. It was a real highlight to hear the young people acknowledging to the group what their special talents are. Today they learnt two new dances so it has been a really busy couple of days for them. This afternoon the sport and rec time was full of fun and energy playing long ball inside and tag outside! The teenagers continued to work on the drama and they have been praying and hearing from God about what themes the drama should have. kings-kids-02It has been a blessing to see the team coming together as they press in to find out more about who God is to them. Our awesome cooks have kept us full of yummy food and it has been awesome to have so many parents and families investing in their children. For some of us (adults) we were in Greymouth blessing the one of the local churches and repainting their charity shop. kings-kids-04Watch this space for more updates on the progress of the team.