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We woke to a great day. Today the team had a great Time with God looking at what our priorities are and what Gods priorities are. We were looking at what things we put ahead of God in our lives and thinking about how much time we spend thinking about ourselves versus how much time we spend thinking of loving God and loving others.

Also, each day the action group leaders need to take a Fruit of the Spirit from a Jar and their group must display that fruit throughout the day to other team members. We had a lot of Joy and Self control today which was awesome.

We started our day by being welcomed onto site by the base next door in a Powhiri. Mike and Seth responded on behalf of the team and we then sung 2 songs back to them, being Amazing Grace and In Christ alone. It was an awesome experience and Seth was awesome!

Also today we learnt the first dances and hoorah, the Dodges and Josie turned up.

Fe and I(Mike writing Blog) are just so blessed to have so many staff who are willing to step up and help out with the running of the outreach.

Today was the first sport and Rec and family time and I have put some photos below. Everyone had a blast!IMG 5271



Sport and Rec  time with Nigel!!!!

IMG 5272


Seth loses the staring competition!

IMG 5278


Family group time photos below...........

IMG 5395IMG 5396IMG 5400IMG 5403IMG 5404

West Coaster 2013

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