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Biblical foundation:

The word of God speaks clearly about the spiritual capacity of children and teens and the important place which Jesus Himself gives them in the Kingdom of God.

  • Matthew 18:1-6.
  • Psalm 8:2, Praises of the children defeat the enemy.
  • Jeremiah 1:6-7, Do not say, "I am only a child"
  • Psalm 78, Truthpassed on to next generation

Interested in King's Kids Ministries?

King's Kids welcomes your participation in the battle for the hearts and minds of the emerging generation. Please consider joining us through prayer, financial giving, personal training and outreach involvement.

Who Can Join?

These outreaches are open to young christians aged 6-18years who complete the personal application process. Some teams have age restrictions and all teams encourage the following: Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent, and young people between 11-12 may need to be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. Teens 13 years and older may attend without adult or parental accompaniment.We welcome outreach staff applications from those whom God has called to work with children and teens in a discipleship and outreach context and who have an active relationship with Jesus Christ. Families are welcome! We encourage the entire family to discover their role together as they give to others. Parents who accompany their young people on team can participate in various staff responsibilities.

GO Camps:(Weekenders)

These are exciting short-term training and outreach activities with the King's Kids ministry, for young people desiring to grow in knowing God and to learn how to share their faith with others. The key for these weekenders is that we work with the church leadership to equip and encourage for when the weekender has finished.

NIKO Camps:

Teenagers are challenged to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their leadership potential through a 3-5 day outdoor adventure experience. It will prepare them for life decisions in confronting issues of personal identity, facing and overcoming obstacles, and team work.

Family Camps:

King's Kids Family Camps are developing in certain nations, giving opportunities for families to:

  • Learn together
  • Worship and pray together
  • Work and serve together
  • Witness together

Types of Teams:

Every year, thousands of children, teens and families participate in King's Kids outreaches at local, national and international levels. Each team is a unique blend of ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Intercession, praise and worship and the study of God's Word have a central place in the life of these teams. Read more

King's Kids H.A.N.D.S.Teams (Helping a Neighbour Develop and Serve)

With an emphasis on practical service and mercy ministries, have used their practical and technical gifts to serve others in many ways,including:

  • Food distribution at a refugee settlement
  • Building a pre-school on Manila's garbage dump
  • Clearing an airport runway in the Amazon jungle

International teams work on projects in others cultures and needy situations, showing God's love to people through "hands on" ministry.

Celebration teams:

Communicate through music, creative movement, drama and personal testimonies. They aim to minister to God and take his message of love and hope to people in streets, schools, prisons, hospitals, shopping malls, at civic gatherings and on television and radio. These presentations have been warmly received at national and international events and by every level of society.

Sports teams:

Communicate the love of God in countries where public sharing of the gospel may be restricted or not allowed, through fair-play, sports skills and friendship.

Daniel Prayer Groups:

Young people of all ages discover the importance of their role in praying for the nations of the world.

  • With exciting games and activities, children and teens learn about different people groups and develop their skills and talents through creative intercession.
  • Small group prayer
  • International fax intercession days
  • Combined prayer and praise parties

Go Network:

The King's Kids GO Network is a partnership between YWAM/King's Kids and local churches. Churches have the opportunity to use the King's Kids model, principles and materials while retaining their localized ministry name, identity and leadership. The GO Network application process is a relationship-building time in which interested parties become acquainted with and committed to, the YWAM/King's Kids Purpose, Principles and Values.The desired result of the GO Network is that a growing number of children, teens and their families would be led into a proven knowledge of God and together might make Him known to all peoples. In this way, the King's Kids GO Network serves as a bridge for missions-minded local churches, providing access to international missions resources:

  • Curriculum materials
  • Leadership training
  • Strategizing with other GO Network teams
  • Invitation to YWAM/King's Kids local, national and international events and outreaches.
  • Connection to global YWAM/King's Kids


Workshops are offered to inform and train adults involved in Christian ministry among children, teens and families. Topics covered include:

  • Leading children and youth into a personal proven knowledge of God
  • Spiritual Capacity of Children
  • Linking the generations with families in ministry
  • Discipling the emerging generation
  • Team leadership
  • Reaching out (outreach)

King's Kids conferences:

These are held annually in every major region of the world. They provide training and strategizing opportunities. PCYM (Principles in Child and Youth Ministries) is a 3-5 month Youth With A Mission training course, focusing on essential foundations, principles and strategies of ministry to children, youth and families. Schools are held in several strategic locations around the world. A twelve month internship program is offered to PCYM graduates for further leadership training and a wider practical experience in the King's Kids ministry.

Upcoming Outreaches

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