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Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 9

We had a great day today. Started with a sleep in, well meant to be a late breakfast anyways! We had debreif this morning and discussed with the team about going home and how that looks and so on. They also watched the movie Rise of the Gaurdians and looked at different aspects of how that applies to what they have been learning during Kings Kids. It was a good morning.

This afternoon was all about preparing for the Love Feast for their last night together. We had allsorts to organise with Dinner, making the eating area look nice and organising laminating of their sheets where they encouraged each other. It was a busy afternoon but the staff team really pitched in well, no question asked and a great result.

The dinner itself was a real celebration of what the outreach has been for all and they really glammed themselves up and looked absolutely stunning. Then we had our angels and mortals reveal and our concert and acknowledgement of staff and leaders. A great night had by all, albiet a very late night. Tomorrow everyone goes home!!!boohoo!!! Has been a blast! IMG 5804IMG 5806IMG 5812IMG 5818




Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 8

Well, what an awesome day we had today. We did 2 church services this morning. The first was the Samoan AOG church in Penrose which was a great morning. The great Auckland power cut had hit so we turned up to the church wondering what to do as we had no power. However, the team really improvised and did a couple of worship songs and E Te Ariki whilst someone raced back to base to collect the battery power pack. We then got up and going only to have the music die halfway through Gold, but the kids kept singing and doing the actions right through to the end of the song which was awesome to see. The team did awesome testimonies of what God had done in their lives and there were many in the church moved to tears by their performance.

Then we headed off to the All Nations Church of Nazarene where the kids performed again. Once again a few sound issues, but after the performnce and a short talk by Mike, several people came up to be prayed for which was a great opportunity for the team.

This afternoon we did the thanksgiving performance to God and it was awesome. God really turned up and most of the team had a touch from God in one way or another. What started as a 40 minute thanksgiving performance at 2.30 ended pretty close to 6. What a great and busy day!!!

IMG 5687IMG 5689IMG 5691IMG 5693photo 3

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 7

Today we had a great day. The team started the day with Time With God which was led by the action group leaders. It was good to see them standing up and providing some direction and leadership for their group.

We then got ready for our performance today at Mangere town centre. There was a little tiredness following last nights late night on Queen St but the team really stepped up. We had a great time of intercession before heading out and the team saw many of their intercession items come to fruition. There was a lot of excitement and buzz around the team. Once again, the groups were very bold in terms of going out and talking to and prayig for people after the performance.

This afternoon was an afternoon off, so some headed for the pool, some for the shops and others just had a rest. There was some excitement about using phones again for an afternoon however often they were simply texting each other!!! So funny. Then dinner came round and they had to start talking to each other again as the phones went back into hibernation. 

Tonigt we went to the building next door. The Tongan team there were doing a fundraising concert to help with their fees etc. The team had a great time and there were many moving testimonies given by the Tongan DTS team. Also, the team were left to decide if they wanted to contribute and many chose to. Also, some of them jumped up and starting dancing with them as well!! See the photos below.

What was great with the Tongan team was that it was good for our team to be on the receiving end and we were also able to discuss that through our tiredness we can raise up and give our best for God tomorrow. Overcoming which is the theme of our outreach!

IMG 5606IMG 5627IMG 5631IMG 5662IMG 5683IMG 5684

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 6

Awesome day today. Had Time With God this morning led by the staff team. Was really awesome when they reported back as a group as all the topics tied in together well for the ecouragement of the team. Had a bit of a sleep in this morning which was a bonus for all!!! Also, our awesome bus driver turned up today.

We had two performances today. The first one at a local rest home and we arrived a bit late as left one of the staff behind so had to do a U turn and pick him up!! However, alls well that ends well. The kids had a great time talking and praying with the old folk after the performance.

Tonight we went in to perform at Queen St with the Prayerstation team. It was a great expereince to see the kids being bold with their faith and seeing genuine answers to prayer. Kids are so awesome at just knowing God will turn up. The kids really experienced something different here tonight and a very late night with most getting to bed around 11pm on our return.

Also, so good to have a great staff and parent team who continue to bless us heaps with their awesome service.

IMG 5568IMG 5584IMG 5591photo 1photo 2

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 5

Well, today has been busy and long  and awesome. We started the day with time with God and learnt today about how we have got what it takes to stick with our decisions if we rely on God. We also looked at different ways of using technology for good and to keep us going in our faith.

We finished by looking at Gods promises to us in Isaiah 41v10.

We had an awesome worship session this morning and it is really encouraging to see the kids stepping up and God responding. We are all so encouraged by the family and team we are becoming.

We had two performances today, both on base. The first was the kids club in the afternoon. The kids first went out in the community in their groups and handed out flyers to advertise the kids club and then they came back and performed and had fun with the local kids. It was awesome although one team had stones thrown at them down the road!! Very inaccurate kids which is great!

Secondly, we had the coffee night and we did 4 items for them. The base opens for free coffee once a month and we got to join in and have fun and meet people in the community. Some of the kids also prayed with people which is great!! IMG 5496IMG 5505IMG 5512IMG 5514

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 4

Wow, what a day today. It was awesome. Lots of busyness.

Today for time with God we looked at how we can overcome those things in our lives which we are struggling to control or master. Things like temper, atiitude, ability to maintain relationships and so on came up. The team learnt that, much like having a pet, we can learn to tame and control ourselves. The crucial thing is understanding those things are not who we are, they are things we can learn to control and God is with us always to help us when we make mistakes.

Today we also did our outreach flyers, learnt about intercession, finished the dances and polished them and of course did our first performance of dedicating the songs to God. This was a very moving time. God was really there with us and it was awesome.

After this we had dinner and then our first performance. A lot of nerves, but as we learnt this morning, God is with us and we can overcome with his help. See some photos below.......

IMG 5429IMG 5438IMG 5457IMG 5461IMG 5471IMG 5475

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 3

Today some were a little more tired waking up!!!

For Time with God, we looked at Sacrifice. This involved looking at those parts of our lives which we need to hand over to God. Big thanks to Gui, Elaine, Wedson and Nadilson for an awesome worship time. During this time the team was invited to write the things they want to Surrender onto a specially prepared wall. This really broke something in the team in terms of openness and honesty. This teaching session finished with all the action groups and their staff members all prayig for each other. It really was a special time for many of the children to have their identity in God revealed and therefore being able to surrender everything else to him.

And Wedson, Fe is wanting to make sure I dont have to get my shotgun out!!!

Also, today was Uniform day. Thankfully, we had a pretty good run with sizing which was great. A couple of changes but no major issues.

IMG 5312IMG 5320IMG 5332IMG 5339IMG 5345IMG 5354IMG 5359IMG 5367

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 2

We woke to a great day. Today the team had a great Time with God looking at what our priorities are and what Gods priorities are. We were looking at what things we put ahead of God in our lives and thinking about how much time we spend thinking about ourselves versus how much time we spend thinking of loving God and loving others.

Also, each day the action group leaders need to take a Fruit of the Spirit from a Jar and their group must display that fruit throughout the day to other team members. We had a lot of Joy and Self control today which was awesome.

We started our day by being welcomed onto site by the base next door in a Powhiri. Mike and Seth responded on behalf of the team and we then sung 2 songs back to them, being Amazing Grace and In Christ alone. It was an awesome experience and Seth was awesome!

Also today we learnt the first dances and hoorah, the Dodges and Josie turned up.

Fe and I(Mike writing Blog) are just so blessed to have so many staff who are willing to step up and help out with the running of the outreach.

Today was the first sport and Rec and family time and I have put some photos below. Everyone had a blast!IMG 5271



Sport and Rec  time with Nigel!!!!

IMG 5272


Seth loses the staring competition!

IMG 5278


Family group time photos below...........

IMG 5395IMG 5396IMG 5400IMG 5403IMG 5404

Kings Kids Auckland Outreach Day 1

What an awesome base we are at. Cleide, Nadilson, Gui, Elaine, Johnny, Josy and Wedson have gone above and beyond in helping to set the theme for the outreach in a practical way. Check out these photos!! Hours and hours of work cutting out all the shapes and getting all the names right and the beds made and everything ready!! And so good to have the team turn up. Jetstar was true to form but we had an awesome orientation time, fantastic worship thanks to Gui, Elaine, Nadilson and Wedson and first drama session tonight. The action group leaders also have a direct staff support person this time. Big Ups to our awesome Alicia who has 2 groups. What a star!! Can't wait for the Dodges, Tim and Josie to turn up tomorrow to make the team whole!!IMG 5237IMG 5242IMG 5244IMG 5249IMG 5250IMG 5251

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Day Six

The weather forecast said rain, we woke up to fine weather. The younger kids went to the beach to pick up rubbish and gather some drift wood. Two of them, not mentioning any names (Mike and Fi) got their feet wet, even though they where watching everyone else backing off!

It was a great time for the kids to get outside on the beach, and what made it so special was the kids had a great time while doing it. Helping the local community gave them a great buzz even if ot was just picking up rubbish.

Some of the older ones, parents in tow, went back to the op shop to put on the final coat of paint. Being a Saturday there were some locals there, who were blown away by the way the teenagers set to work, and were so keen to get the job done. Having a lunchtime performance we had to move on to meet the rest of the crew at the Granger Rest Home in Greymouth, where the kids were due to perform, leaving behind Alan and Tony to complete the job.

The performance went well and the kids had a fantastic time performing, afterwards going out with their picture and chatting to the residents. They were much more relaxed and it was easily seen that the kids were much more confident at asking questions and sharing their testimonies whenever they could. We all left feeling great.

Returning to base Alan talked to the kids and told them the op shop had finished and how we were all, including the local Greymouth helpers, were blown away by their work ethic and tenacity to get the job done. One local described the event as a miracle for the local community.

Then family time and the ultimate battle of submarines. Here both family groups competed to find the ultimate family group. Yes you guessed it, much to Juddy Catherine and Kevins dismay, it was a draw. Just wait until next Kings Kids...

Then to earlyish night ready for the big day tomorrow, performing in the local Greymouth Church in the morning and to the Youth service in the evening.


Day Five

So day five began and got off to a great start. The kids were filled with excitement as we were off to Shantytown to perform later that morning, and the afternoon was free time to let the families get away on their own to catch up, reflect and have some fun together.


Kings Kids - West Coaster - Day Four

Day four was the first day of being on outreach proper and it was Damons Birthday. The team separated into two groups today. The first group went off to perform at a rest home in Greymouth called Kowhia Manor. This was the first performance for a number of the team members, and some were a little nervous going in. The team prayed before heading off and God really came through for them. damons-birthdayAs soon as the kids started performing they really felt a peace. There were some great testimonies shared by a number of the team between the songs. After they had finished performing the kids went out and spoke to the residents. It was so awesome to see the boldness they had in discussing very broad issues with them and a number of the kids also felt to pray for the old people they were talking to, and the requests from the children to pray was welcomed by all who were asked. The team came back really buzzing from having such a positive experience and seeing how God can use them to encourage and support those watching, many of whom receive no regular visitors. Did I mention it was Damons birthday? We were also blessed to see one of the teenagers on the team receive instant healing from a niggling wrist strain. The other kids in her group gathered around and prayed for her and immediately her wrist was better. It was so exciting to see this kind of thing happening and seeing how God can use them to bless each other also. Did I mention it was Damons birthday?


the-dropMeanwhile, the other half of the split consisting of most of the older kids, bundled into the van and were off to the op shop to continue painting, and oh did I mention it was Damons birthday? As you can imagine there was as much paint on the kids as on the walls! the-shop We were amazed at how much we achieved. Tim from the Anglican Church who runs the shop arrived and asked "is it Damons birthday today?" (not really but he was quickly introduced to Damon, and oh did I mention it was Damons birthday?). Tim was blown away by the what was happening and shared with the kids what the op shop (Opportunity Shop) actually meant to the local of community of Greymouth which gave the kids a much bigger view of how places like these impact their local areas.

Kings Kids - West Coaster - Day Three

Day three comes to an end, and also the end of boot camp. From here on in its all live performances. Its hard not to mention the end of the day first. Dedication time. This is where the kids and teens do their first live performance of all the songs, and what makes this first performance so special is that it is dedicated to God, no other audience, just the Lord. Before they start and between songs they pray individually as they feel prompted to do so by God. Its a real special time for the children and teens to really connect with what they are doing and to dig deeper into the Lord. Its the time where the parents and leaders realise how great this ministry is (spoken myself a parent!). Its hard to put into words the feeling of the emotional connection with God, that we all feel.

For some though the day is about sorting out some of the important things in life, like "its all in the chin Juddy" says Kev. "I know look at this" replies Juddy.the-chin

For some of us (adults) it was back to the shop and more painting, (not normally a Kings Kids activity just a way we felt to bless the West Coast and Greymouth). Tomorrow will be the big day as some of the older teens will be off to help finish some of the painting too.

kings-kids-funTWG (time with God) included reading bible passages and answering questions based on the Prodigal Son parable. Some great answers showing a range of insight by all the children where given. After time alone with God and the sharing of the childrens TWG Mike acted out with the help of his wife and a couple of parents (Nigel and Kevin) the parable, much to the delight of the children and teens.

Sport and rec was fun for all as the kids made their way through the obstacle course in the ultimate race of skill, team work and shear determination to win, and of course the dry weetbix at the end of each heat! Pictures to follow tomorrow.


Kings Kids - West Coaster - Day Two

Day two and starting to settle into the routine of boot camp. A bit more of a struggle getting up for some of the team this morning! kings-kids-03Today the team looked at why they are special to God and how God has given them special gifts that are unique to them. It was a real highlight to hear the young people acknowledging to the group what their special talents are. Today they learnt two new dances so it has been a really busy couple of days for them. This afternoon the sport and rec time was full of fun and energy playing long ball inside and tag outside! The teenagers continued to work on the drama and they have been praying and hearing from God about what themes the drama should have. kings-kids-02It has been a blessing to see the team coming together as they press in to find out more about who God is to them. Our awesome cooks have kept us full of yummy food and it has been awesome to have so many parents and families investing in their children. For some of us (adults) we were in Greymouth blessing the one of the local churches and repainting their charity shop. kings-kids-04Watch this space for more updates on the progress of the team. 

Kings Kids - West Coaster - Day One

The day started bright and early, well for some the day started early (Juddy slept in), 6.30am prayer meeting outside the kitchen with plenty of coffee to go around. Then into the kitchen to cook some of the Kings Kids special... Porridge.

The children start to arrive downstairs around 7.30 with Madelaine in 1st place. Day one is a busy day, letting the children know what is to happen over the next few days of boot camp. Boot camp is what we call the training phase of Kings Kids, up early, a hearty breakfast, TWG (time with God), sharing, worship, heart prep, into the dancing, stop for morning tea, back into the dancing, phew, I am getting worn out just writing it!


 Young James is a Kings Kids veteran, only this is his first outreach as a performer as he has come of age to be able to part of the official team. James was a toddler on his first visit accompanying his older siblings, Callum and Ruth along with Mum and Dad.

Families with toddlers as well as dance age children are encouraged to come along as this is an ideal environment for the entire family to grow together in God.

Dance rehearsals were off to a great start as all the performing children start out on the list of songs that they will be performing in 3 days time.


It is always an exciting time thinking about how the children and teenagers are getting on. Only the choreographers are allowed to be in the room when they are learning the dances, sometimes we take a peek to see how they are doing!

Catherine is always on the lookout for that great shot, however I think Mike beat her to it this time, grabbing a quick shot of the back of her head while Juddy was looking his usual self!


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