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Awesome day today. Had Time With God this morning led by the staff team. Was really awesome when they reported back as a group as all the topics tied in together well for the ecouragement of the team. Had a bit of a sleep in this morning which was a bonus for all!!! Also, our awesome bus driver turned up today.

We had two performances today. The first one at a local rest home and we arrived a bit late as left one of the staff behind so had to do a U turn and pick him up!! However, alls well that ends well. The kids had a great time talking and praying with the old folk after the performance.

Tonight we went in to perform at Queen St with the Prayerstation team. It was a great expereince to see the kids being bold with their faith and seeing genuine answers to prayer. Kids are so awesome at just knowing God will turn up. The kids really experienced something different here tonight and a very late night with most getting to bed around 11pm on our return.

Also, so good to have a great staff and parent team who continue to bless us heaps with their awesome service.

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