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Well, what an awesome day we had today. We did 2 church services this morning. The first was the Samoan AOG church in Penrose which was a great morning. The great Auckland power cut had hit so we turned up to the church wondering what to do as we had no power. However, the team really improvised and did a couple of worship songs and E Te Ariki whilst someone raced back to base to collect the battery power pack. We then got up and going only to have the music die halfway through Gold, but the kids kept singing and doing the actions right through to the end of the song which was awesome to see. The team did awesome testimonies of what God had done in their lives and there were many in the church moved to tears by their performance.

Then we headed off to the All Nations Church of Nazarene where the kids performed again. Once again a few sound issues, but after the performnce and a short talk by Mike, several people came up to be prayed for which was a great opportunity for the team.

This afternoon we did the thanksgiving performance to God and it was awesome. God really turned up and most of the team had a touch from God in one way or another. What started as a 40 minute thanksgiving performance at 2.30 ended pretty close to 6. What a great and busy day!!!

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