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Today we had a great day. The team started the day with Time With God which was led by the action group leaders. It was good to see them standing up and providing some direction and leadership for their group.

We then got ready for our performance today at Mangere town centre. There was a little tiredness following last nights late night on Queen St but the team really stepped up. We had a great time of intercession before heading out and the team saw many of their intercession items come to fruition. There was a lot of excitement and buzz around the team. Once again, the groups were very bold in terms of going out and talking to and prayig for people after the performance.

This afternoon was an afternoon off, so some headed for the pool, some for the shops and others just had a rest. There was some excitement about using phones again for an afternoon however often they were simply texting each other!!! So funny. Then dinner came round and they had to start talking to each other again as the phones went back into hibernation. 

Tonigt we went to the building next door. The Tongan team there were doing a fundraising concert to help with their fees etc. The team had a great time and there were many moving testimonies given by the Tongan DTS team. Also, the team were left to decide if they wanted to contribute and many chose to. Also, some of them jumped up and starting dancing with them as well!! See the photos below.

What was great with the Tongan team was that it was good for our team to be on the receiving end and we were also able to discuss that through our tiredness we can raise up and give our best for God tomorrow. Overcoming which is the theme of our outreach!

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