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Day three comes to an end, and also the end of boot camp. From here on in its all live performances. Its hard not to mention the end of the day first. Dedication time. This is where the kids and teens do their first live performance of all the songs, and what makes this first performance so special is that it is dedicated to God, no other audience, just the Lord. Before they start and between songs they pray individually as they feel prompted to do so by God. Its a real special time for the children and teens to really connect with what they are doing and to dig deeper into the Lord. Its the time where the parents and leaders realise how great this ministry is (spoken myself a parent!). Its hard to put into words the feeling of the emotional connection with God, that we all feel.

For some though the day is about sorting out some of the important things in life, like "its all in the chin Juddy" says Kev. "I know look at this" replies Juddy.the-chin

For some of us (adults) it was back to the shop and more painting, (not normally a Kings Kids activity just a way we felt to bless the West Coast and Greymouth). Tomorrow will be the big day as some of the older teens will be off to help finish some of the painting too.

kings-kids-funTWG (time with God) included reading bible passages and answering questions based on the Prodigal Son parable. Some great answers showing a range of insight by all the children where given. After time alone with God and the sharing of the childrens TWG Mike acted out with the help of his wife and a couple of parents (Nigel and Kevin) the parable, much to the delight of the children and teens.

Sport and rec was fun for all as the kids made their way through the obstacle course in the ultimate race of skill, team work and shear determination to win, and of course the dry weetbix at the end of each heat! Pictures to follow tomorrow.


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