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Wow, what a day today. It was awesome. Lots of busyness.

Today for time with God we looked at how we can overcome those things in our lives which we are struggling to control or master. Things like temper, atiitude, ability to maintain relationships and so on came up. The team learnt that, much like having a pet, we can learn to tame and control ourselves. The crucial thing is understanding those things are not who we are, they are things we can learn to control and God is with us always to help us when we make mistakes.

Today we also did our outreach flyers, learnt about intercession, finished the dances and polished them and of course did our first performance of dedicating the songs to God. This was a very moving time. God was really there with us and it was awesome.

After this we had dinner and then our first performance. A lot of nerves, but as we learnt this morning, God is with us and we can overcome with his help. See some photos below.......

IMG 5429IMG 5438IMG 5457IMG 5461IMG 5471IMG 5475

West Coaster 2013

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